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terça-feira, novembro 18, 2008

Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach Daily from Thursday,
December 4,
until Sunday, December 7,
10 – 11 a.m.: Panel Discussion1
1 – 11.30 a.m.: Meet the Panelists
Location: Art Guest Lounge, Entrance D,
Miami Beach Convention Center
Art Basel Conversations
By staging public encounters between leading cultural figures, Art Basel Conversations offers the show's audience access to first-hand information on important aspects of the international artworld. It is a forum that encourages a lively exchange of ideas, through a series of platform discussions that can range from single artists exploring their practice to larger panels that include the leading players within various scenes and fields of artistic activity.The themes of Art Basel Conversations focus on producing, collecting, and exhibiting art. Distinguished artists, art collectors, museum directors, curators, critics, gallerists, publishers, and others active in the cultural sphere take part. Presenting their current and upcoming projects, reporting on their experiences and commenting on the challenges they face, these speakers provide an insider's view and open up the opportunity for dynamic and inspiring dialog. After each Art Basel Conversation, there is time allotted for the audience to approach the panel in a more informal fashion.